Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send images or shapes of my choosing that I would like to have engraved on the lock?
Please send your images to our e-mail address:


How is the engraving made?
The designed pattern and text are engraved into the surface of the lock with the use of a high-intensity laser. Thus, following the removal of the anodized layer, a white layer will become visible. In some cases, the surface of the aluminium itself can be seen.


How durable is the engraving?
Both the engraved and the anodized surface are sturdy. They do not corrode, and are highly scratch-resistant


Will the lock on the locket surely work?
We provide two keys for the locket and we try out the locking mechanism before, as     well as after the engraving process. We only send functioning lockets to our buyers.


In what colours are the lockets available?
As of now, we only have red aluminium lockets, but we are planning to have a multitude of colours in the future.


What does a purchase include?

We send two keys with every love lock. Furthermore, we also include protective packaging for the product,
in order to avoid any possible damage during shipping.


What is the size of the lock?
The dimensions of the engraved love lock are: Height: 84 mm, Width: 38 mm, Thickness: 19 mm,

locket shackle distance: 27 mm.